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Australia has equality and we couldn’t be happier! With equality comes a whole new variety of options for the logistics of wedding ceremonies. As traditional gender specific roles become obsolete, wedding ceremonies are becoming more progressive, relevant and meaningful for both same sex couples, and also for progressive opposite sex couples who may also like to include some of the great options outlined here in their wedding ceremony.

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Here we cover some of the many exciting new options available to couples:

Processional (or arrival) options

Traditional: Partner 1 waits at the head of the aisle as Partner 2 walks down the aisle towards them.

Alternative Option 1: Partner 1 and Partner 2 arrive and walk down the aisle together.

Either accompanied by parent/ parents, their ‘wedding party’ or just the 2 of them.

Alternative Option 2: Partner 1 and Partner 2 arrive via side aisles and meet in the middle together.Note: The venue would need the capacity to accommodate side aisles, or additional aisle ways on either sides of the guests chairs.

Alternative Option 3: Partner 1 is walked down the aisle by a parent/ parents/ family or friend and takes their place at the front with the Celebrant, then Partner 2 is walked down the aisle by a parent/ parents/ family or friend and joins hands with Partner 1 on arrival.

Alternative Option 4: Partner 1 and Partner 2 are present to greet guests as they arrive, then simply gather with the Celebrant at the ceremony area, then the Celebrant invites the guests to be seated. This option removes the formality of the processional for the partners.

It’s also an option worth considering for those that feel particularly nervous about the prospect of walking down the aisle.

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Your Wedding Party

Your wedding party, or wedding squad can still be referred to as the bridal party when two brides are tying the knot, or grooms may like to be refer to them as their grooms party.

It’s your day so feel free to have fun and get creative with their titles, Groomsmaids, Bridesmen, Brides Angels etc.

You don’t have to pick a ‘Best Man’ or ‘Best Lady’ you may prefer to assign them all Best Men or Best Ladies. This also gives you the freedom to equally delegate all the traditional ‘best man’ duties between the wedding party.

Where to Stand

Choose which side each of you would like to stand on (you may need to rock paper scissors this!). Let your celebrant know which side each of you will be stood on, so they can assist with ushering your direct family to the same side that you will be stood on.

Note: There was once a time where each partner’s family and friends would be seated on their ‘side’ nowadays most couples are happy to simply have the front row reserved for family members on their side, and request the celebrant announces that the remaining guests can be seated on either side.

Hence the wedding sign “Pick a seat not a side, either way it’s for a bride”

Image by Studio Impressions Photography via Paul and Pauls’ stylish and sincere Brisbane wedding

I now pronounce you….

Consider how you would like to be introduced at the end of the ceremony.

Option 1: Choose who’s last name you will both take

Option 2: Keep your current last names

Option 3: Opt to double barrel each of your last names together

Option 4: Ask your celebrant to introduce you as ‘husband and husband’ or ‘wife and wife’ and you can always decide on the above at a later date if you wish, or when you start a family.

Note: You are not required to change your last name when you marry, and your last name doesn’t automatically change when you wed.

Image by Studio Impressions Photography via Paul and Pauls’ stylish and sincere Brisbane wedding

In summary, feel free to get creative. It’s your day so make it truly yours and do whatever feels right for you both.

Got your own wedding ceremony ideas for same sex couples? The Brisbane City Celebrants duo would love to hear them. Comment below.

Ms Zigzag says: Here at Polka Dot Bride HQ we are absolutely over the moon that we (finally!) have marriage equality in Australia and we are fierce in our mission to support and showcase the love and joy between same sex couples on our platforms. Thank you Brisbane City Celebrants for offering these creative ceremony ideas.

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