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Mr Houndstooth

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Wedding suits can strike fear into the hearts of prospective grooms everywhere, but you know what makes my heart stop (momentarily)?

Ill-fitting suits.

Which is why I’m an advocate for a tailored suit.

Purchasing a tailored suit costs a bit more, but in the end, it’s worth paying a few extra pennies to avoid looking a bit, well, to be polite, let’s say un-tailored.

Melbourne tailor Carl Nave from Carl Nave Individually Tailored, a Melbourne business which specialises in individually tailored suits, says grooms picking tailored suits often do so out of necessity rather than choice.

“Most people opt for a tailored suit when they can’t find a suit off the rack that fits them well enough,” he says.

But there are those who have a particular look in mind too.

“Others opt for tailored suits when they can’t seem to find the style or design they were after.
“Whichever your reason, fit and style are perhaps the two main reasons to consider a tailored suit.”
Mauricio Rios – Wedding Manager at InStitchu – custom, tailored menswear around the globe – strongly waved the flag for a custom suit on your wedding day.

“Your wedding suit should be one of a kind, reflective of who you are and unlike any other outfit you own.

“Custom, tailored suiting is all about achieving the perfect fit and expressing who you are through the garments you wear.”

Image via Institchu

How do you know if you need a tailored suit

If you’re not necessarily limited by size restrictions, then choosing your suit can actually be quite difficult – too many options!

Carl says grooms should think about the “bigger picture” when starting to look for their suit.
“Is the wedding formal, relaxed or low key? This question helps determine the style and look you should go for.

“But whichever style you ultimately decide upon, make sure you are the best dressed man in the room.
“Remember, the bride never looks like the bridesmaids, so why should the groom look like the groomsmen, or any other man for the matter?”

Mauricio added that opting for a tailored suit can help narrow your focus, removing the need to traipse around shop after shop”.

“It enables grooms to create their dream wedding suit that they have pictured in their mind.”

“It will fit like a glove and be uniquely your design – from the fabric, to the buttons, to the lapel, to the cuff, to the collar, to monogramming and so much more – the sky is the limit.”

Image via Institchu

The money factor

Sure, it’s nice to talk about tailored suits, but we’re not all Harvey Specter (you know, the guy from Suits) with a big bank balance to splurge on our wardrobe.

Mauricio says you don’t have to be a high-priced New York lawyer to get that tailored look.

“Historically, custom, tailored suiting was expensive and priced a lot of people out of even considering it as an option, but we’re changing all that with custom, tailored wedding suits starting from $399 and shirts from $89, driven by the belief that every man should be able to afford a custom, tailored suit without breaking the bank or compromising on quality.”

Mauricio says a tailored suit is a one-of-a-kind garment, made to your exact measurements and design.

“Contrastingly, when you buy off the rack, you’re essentially buying someone else’s design, made in bulk, to standard measurement patterns. Chances are you will have to pay extra for alterations if you don’t fit standard sizing too.”

Carl Nave describes his perfect tailored suit

Sam Wines wearing Carl Nave tailored suit. Photo: Max Krewse

Image Max Krewse. Sam Wines wearing a Carl Nave tailored suit.

“Here Sam is wearing a three-piece suit I designed for the 2017 Derby Day.

“The look is quite traditional, but is suitable for many formal weddings.

The serious of the contrast black jacket suggests that it is formal, with broad peal lapels that are perfectly proportioned to Sam’s shoulders.

“Notice the jacket tapers from the chest through to the waist even when unbuttoned, this create a fitted silhouette without being tight.

“The wait coat is quite a slow cut four button with a scoop neckline.

“I love this style of wait coat as it doesn’t dominate the chest area and allows plenty of shirt and tie to be visible.

“The length of a waistcoat should always cover the trousers’ waist band and should fit as close to body as possible without being uncomfortable.

“The trousers are narrow and tapered through to the cuff with a soft break on the shoe, not covering the shoe at all.

“I’ve opted for a folded cuff on these trousers, its a lovely detail that makes the trousers look a little more three-dimensional.

Ms Zigzag says: There’s really nothing sexier than a perfectly fitted tailored suit. Unfortunately an ill-fitting suit stands out like a sore thumb, so I’m glad Mr Houndstooth has shed some light on this subject. 

About Mr Houndstooth: I am a happily married man. I enjoy a fine whisky, a new suit and swashbuckling around town with my beautiful bride. Looking back on my wedding day always makes me smile, even though it began to rain just as I said ‘I do’.



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