10 Of The Most Fun Viral Proposals

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As part of The Proposal Issue, we’ve spent way too many hours pouring over every kind of proposal (though if we’re honest, we kind of spend our weeks doing that anyway!) and today? We’re rounding up 10 of the most fun, viral proposals we adore. From the classic flash mobs to the made for TV specials, the hardware store antics and the movie cinemas!

The Flash Mob With A Car Proposal

I think this may have just been one of the earliest proposal videos that took over our screens and it remains a good classic! A little dance, a moving car – what could go wrong?


Youtube/Matt Hulbert

The Instant Wedding Proposal

This one had to be included just because of how insanely huge the planning and operation was! Set for a TV show, the proposal turns out much more than this respecting girlfriend ever thought!


The Move Theatre Proposal

Shout out to the Aussies! Ever gone to a movie and had a surprise? This unsuspecting victim went from relaxed moviegoer to something even more!

Youtube/Liam Coopert

The Hardware Store Proposal

This one wins for a fabulous location! A local hardware store, a flash mob and a little dancing won my heart.

Youtube/Spencer Stoutt

The Most Magical Place On Earth Proposal

Disney is after all the most magical place on earth, so of course, it has to be an obvious choice for a proposal!


The Spin Me Round Proposal

When a spin class turns into something so much more. This one has to be the ultimate kind of feel good proposal.


The Ultimate Prank Proposal

If you’re set on pranking each other for the rest of your lives, these turned their proposal from the ultimate prank.


The Audition Proposal

When you think you’re showing up for a dance audition but actually it just turns out everyone is going along with a complete facade for one very romantic reason.

Youtube/Nick Sorut

The Day In The Park Proposal

A day in the park anyone? A little sunshine, a marching band and POP! Love the fun, Summer vibes of this one!




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