2018 Engagement Ring Trends

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2018 has definitely been the year of colour!

Couples are now more open to exploring alternative options to a traditional diamond ring or a twist on the classic designs. There are so many amazing precious gemstones so why not choose a colour?

Champagne diamonds have created a beautiful twist on traditional designs this year. Timeless designs set with soft champagne hues give a modern feel to a classic design. They also look incredible set in rose gold, which has also been a popular choice this year. It is hard not to love the warmth and romantic feel of rose gold.

Our amazing Australian sapphires have also been on trend this year, they have long been thought only to be dark blue, yet we produce some of the most beautiful coloured sapphires that vary from deep blue through to greens and yellows. Our amazing teal coloured sapphire is currently one of the most popular choices of colour.

Soft pastel colours, such as pink and grey have also been prominent throughout this year. As they are easy to wear with all colours, making them another great choice for engagement rings. Who doesn’t love black diamonds!? They add a bold and modern look to classic designs and they are also the perfect addition to any art deco-inspired engagement ring. Although they do not sparkle like a traditional white diamond they create a beautiful statement piece.

Engagement rings with art deco elements have also continued through this year, I personally love this style, it is easy to see why this style has stood the test of time. Art deco designs are also a great way to incorporate a pop colour into your piece.

Brides are stepping away from traditional wedding rings, choosing designs that are different to their engagement ring, whilst keeping a beautiful balance between rings.

Always consider the following factors when deciding on the perfect engagement ring:

  • Occupation and hobbies (this may sound a little strange) however these things will help determine how you will wear you ring day to day
  • Think about the design of the wedding ring at the same time as designing the engagement ring
  • When choosing a colour, think about colours that you wear often as this usually helps work out what you will love
  • Durability, boring but important, you want to know that it will wear well long-term
  • Most importantly, choose something YOU love!

Helping a couple choose the perfect stone and designing an engagement ring that reflects their personalities, is what I love to do! While the classic designs will never date, there are no rules on what your engagement ring should be, so why not explore all options!

Jasmine x

Ms Zebra Says: I can only imagine how difficult it would be to choose THE ring – as it’s on you every day and forever!! Thanks Jasmine for being able to not only outline the trends for us, but also for being there to help design and select the perfect ring for each individual couple!

About Jasmine Fraser:  Located in Melbourne’s CBD, I specialise in designing and creating beautiful, timeless jewellery. All my jewellery pieces are handcrafted on the premises, allowing clients to explore all aspects of jewellery manufacture.

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