Mini Flower Posies For Wedding Favours Tutorial

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Ms Honeycomb

A lot of love and care goes into planning gifts for guests at weddings or bridal showers. If you’re adorning your event with lush flowers, why not add to the theme and gift a small posy to each guest? A small bouquet can be made in your chosen theme colours and personal favourite blooms and is a gorgeous gift to take home and beautify a space.

Easy to put together and as long lasting as you’d like them to be, these wee bundles will most certainly spark joy for your friends and family. Even a single bloom for each guest is a sweet touch!

What You Will Need:

  • Flowers! If you are going to gift a single stem, simply count how many guests you’ll have, add a few extra, and ensure that’s how many stems you purchase (or pick). If looking to make a mini posy like I have here, it really is completely up to your style as to what you end up buying. You can go eclectic and buy many different sorts of blooms, or keep it clean and simple by just using one type of flower. Don’t overlook the garden for some sweet clippings. I’ve used garden roses, snapdragons, oncidium orchids, tomato foliage and succulents. If you use cuttings such as succulents or geraniums, your guests can plant them once they get home. Double win!
  • Brown florist’s paper (or colour of choice)
  • Twine for tying the bunch
  • Twine or ribbon for tying the paper
  • Secateurs

Step 1. As soon as possible, once you get your flowers home, remove all packaging. Remove the lower two thirds of foliage and trim the ends. Pop into fresh water.

Step 2. Once you’re ready to get cracking on a mini conveyor belt line of bouquets, start with your first one. Cut some twine in preparation. Lay out the ingredients for your bouquet, remembering how many of each stem were used. This will help you pick up speed once you get going.

Step 3. Begin by clustering some larger headed blooms together with a firm grip, before adding in taller stems. Long and delicate stems add gorgeous texture to a bouquet, grasses and branches work well too.

Step 4. Add in any tall flowers, keeping the stems cleanly spiraling in one direction, like a neat jar of uncooked spaghetti. Add in any final blooms until you are happy with your design.

Step 5. Grab the twine and firmly tie the mini posy of flowers. If you start to gain speed and are flying through making mini posies, pop them quickly into water to wait while you keep going.

Step 6. Trim all the ends neatly, and make sure all foliage below the tie is removed. Keep popping the bunches into water between steps, making sure they have plenty of space between them and aren’t crammed in a bucket.

Step 7. Lay out your paper wrapping of choice. I cut full sized florist paper into 4 quarters. If you are keen to wrap traditionally as I have here, fold up the bottom third of the paper on an angle, wrapping the bouquet. Flip the bouquet, and do the same again. Using twine, secure the paper. Pop your gorgeous wee bunches of flowers back into some clean water (making sure the stems are all in water, but the paper is dry).

If you’re concerned about drips for your guests and their party frocks, place a few small brown paper bags on the table with the blooms. These can be used to wrap the bottom easily after guests have selected their chosen gift! Be confident with your choices, fresh flowers are always beautiful, and a handmade posy to take home is a sweet favour for your wonderful friends and family.

Ms Zebra Says: How gorgeous are these floral favours! Thank you Ms Honeycomb for this beautiful way to gift your friends and family after celebrating with you on your wedding day.

About Ms Honeycomb  – Hi, I’m Nicola, the florist and crafter behind rubyandjoy. I’m a gardening, fabric loving, mint tea drinking, brownie baking, book obsessed maker! I love a good adventure having just moved back from five years in Scotland (with my lovely Scottish husband).


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