8 Practical Tips You Need to Know About Bouquets on Your Wedding Day

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Ms Zig Zag

Image by Figtree Pictures via Eliza & Tristan’s Gorgeous Garden Party Wedding in Byron Bay

Bouquets… there’s nothing to them, right? You walk down the aisle holding them, pose with them for a few pics and job done, right? Wrong!

I’ve been a bridesmaid five times and a bride once, so I now know there’s a number of important things to consider about bouquets to avoid disaster on wedding day.

  1. Ensure your florist knows the exact location you and your bridal party are getting ready at and the time you are leaving so they can deliver the flowers to you with plenty of time to spare. Confirm logistics well ahead of the wedding day to save yourself unnecessary stress on an already busy day.
  2. Your bouquets will most likely arrive in water-filled buckets or vases (to keep the flowers looking fresh and vibrant). Make sure someone thoroughly towels them off just prior to you departing for the ceremony. You don’t want excess murky water trickling onto your dresses just before the ceremony begins.
  3. Don’t forget to take the bouquets to the wedding! It seems simple but it nearly happened to me when I was a bridesmaid at my cousin’s wedding. The florist had stored the bouquets in the garage to keep them cool, and it was only as we were rushing through the garage to be whisked off to the ceremony that we realised the bouquets were there. The bridal party was about to head to the wedding bouquet-less – it was a very close call.
  4. The maid of honour or one of the bridesmaids should offer to hold the bride’s bouquet on the car trip (or horse and carriage – whatever you fancy) to avoid any excess water dripping from the stems onto her wedding dress.
  5. The maid of honour needs to be ready to hold not only her own bouquet but also the bride’s bouquet at a moment’s notice during the ceremony.  E.g. while the bride hold hands with her partner declaring her vows and also signing the registry.
  6. Arrange for there to be water-filled empty vases on the bridal table so the bride and bridesmaids can place their bouquets in said vases throughout the reception. It will keep the flowers alive and will add to reception decor.
  7. Consider ahead of time if you want to keep the bouquet for yourself or throw it over your shoulder for a guest to catch. The wedding night flies by so fast, so if a tradition such as throwing the bouquet is important to you then you should mark it on the schedule and let your MC and/or DJ know your plan.
  8. Want your bridesmaids to keep their bouquets as a memento? Why not give them a gorgeous vase as a bridesmaid gift. I’ve been guilty of kicking off my heels and throwing my bouquet onto the kitchen table after an exciting but exhausting wedding, only to wake up and see my flowers looking as dried out and droopy as I feel myself the morning after a big celebration. I think giving a vase to your maids is a thoughtful present that they can use on your special day and long after!

Image by Henry Paul Photography via Lauren & Carlee’s Simple & Beautiful Bathurst Wedding

With these tried and true tips in your back pocket, your bouquets will be nothing but a beautiful blessing, rather than a burden on your big day.

Ms Zebra Says: These are fantastic tips and reminders of things to think about on an already crazy day – as no one wants dead flowers walking the aisle!!! Thanks Ms Zig Zag for these wonderful flower hacks to ensure a beautiful array of bouquets. 

  • Cat says:
    March 9, 2019 at 9:22 am

    Hi Ms Zig Zag,
    these are very excellent practical tips. The only caveat I’d make is to placing bouquets in vases on the bridal table. This usually works really well if the bouquets are petite. However if you have a medium to big rambunctious textural bridal bouquet…it’s probably better on the gift table, signing table or where family photos are placed. The practical reason behind this is even if it’s placed between the couple, it can limit the photographer to only taking shots straight on.
    Cat from Woods & Bloom



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