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Ms Fleur De Lys

Sweet bourbon, bitter coffee, fragrant orange, luscious chocolate. This rich cocktail has it all as the perfect warming pick me up for Autumn. A Boulevardier is basically a whiskey-fied version of a (traditionally gin-spiked) Negroni.

Inoka – founder of the recipe blog Cocktail Co – has kindly shared her even more improved version of a Boulevardier with us for our Autumn Issue; it’s got bonus chocolate and coffee! Inoka recommends using a Bourbon style whiskey here as opposed to a rye. Though if you must use Scotch, opt for one with those sweet Sherry notes.

We recommend serving this very grown up treat with a little (or a lot) of your favourite dark chocolate on the side.

Chocolate Boulevardier by Cocktail Co

30ml bourbon whisky (they used Russell’s Reserve)
30ml Mr Black Coffee Amaro
30ml chocolate-infused Campari (see note below)
Cocoa nibs (for infusing Campari)
Orange peel or slice, to garnish

Combine all three ingredients in a tumbler glass with a large ice cube. Stir to combine. Garnish with an orange peel or slice.

Note: To make chocolate Campari, simply add cocoa nibs to Campari (proportions: 1Tb of nibs will flavour 350ml Campari) for 12 hours or overnight. Then strain and re-bottle for later use.

About Ms Fleur De Lys: Aside from being Ms Polka’s Editorial Assistant, Ms Fleur de Lys is also Polka Dot Bride’s Melbourne correspondent so you’ll see her running all over town finding wedding inspiration.  As both a lifestyle journalist and cocktail aficionado, Fleur appreciates the power of words whipped up as deftly as a good martini.



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