Hammered Foliage Linen Tablecloth Tutorial

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Ms Honeycomb

As we settle into Autumn and enjoy the chillier evenings, this leafy fabric DIY seemed the perfect fit! As easy as pie and with hardly any steps, linen fabric, textured with gorgeous seasonal foliage will add depth and colour to your table as a tablecloth or napkins.

Bringing the outdoors in is a beautiful way to add texture to your wedding styling and foliage is a great place to start. It doesn’t take much to add subtle detailing and this wedding tutorial will show you how in three easy steps!

What You Will Need:

  • Linen fabric – use any fabric that is a natural fibre and has been washed
  • Hammer
  • Foliage – keep things simple with one or two varieties, and choose something that has a medium level of water content to it. I’ve used fern and geranium leaf
  • Brown paper or other protective surfacing

Step 1. Lay out your brown paper on a sturdy surface that isn’t breakable. Lay out your foliage, then drape the clean fabric across the top. You can always shift leaves around and add some in, so don’t worry if everything doesn’t stay exactly still.

Step 2. Holding the fabric taut, use the hammer to gently but firmly bash the leaves. You’ll start to see the colour come through. You may find some leaves work better than others. A test corner of fabric is a good idea.

Step 3. That’s it! Keep going until you’re happy with the pattern and effect. You can entirely cover the fabric or do random clusters. Once it’s finished, don’t wash it, or you’ll lose the colour. Keep it out of direct sunlight, and rip it into beautifully rustic napkins or leave in a large piece as a tablecloth.

Ms Zebra Says: What a gorgeous idea! Linen is simply divine and adding such intricate detailing is so personal! Well done on another great inspirational idea Ms Honeycomb!

About Ms Honeycomb: Hi, I’m Nicola, the florist and crafter behind rubyandjoy. I’m a gardening, fabric loving, mint tea drinking, brownie baking, book obsessed maker! I love a good adventure having just moved back from five years in Scotland (with my lovely Scottish husband).


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