How to Rock an OTT Bouquet

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Bouquet designed by Katie Cooper Floral Design. Photo thanks to Love her Photography.

One thing’s for sure, I like my bouquets BIG! So if you like Fox and Rabbit bouquet designs and want to book us for your wedding day, then believe it baby you’re getting something solid. Larger bouquets are really fun to build. They can be so layered and interesting. But beyond a florists personal satisfaction, I believe big bouquets provide better value for your hard earned dollars. You will not be disappointed by something large, but you could very well be underwhelmed by something petite.

I have found that larger bouquets last longer as they tend to be sturdier. With fewer stems to support each other, small bouquets are typically more fragile and can look significantly different, far more weathered, come the end of a long wedding day.

I also believe that big bouquets photograph so much nicer than a smaller version. See for yourself below, a selection of my favourite OTT bouquets, by some of Perth’s leading floral designers.

Big doesn’t have to mean obnoxious.

The right, experienced, floral designer can ensure that your bouquet, while big, isn’t shouting in your groom’s face. With the right mix of blooms and the correct palette, a big ass bouquet can still fit the soft and romantic brief.

They’re fun.

Big bouquets are a joy to carry. You don’t have to be too precious or careful with them. You can throw them in the air, swing them down the street, cover your whole face with them, and steal smooches behind them with your new wife or husband.

Bouquet designed by Fox and Rabbit. Photo thanks to James Simmons Photography.

They’re dramatic and unashamed.

Carrying a big bouquet definitely makes for a dramatic statement. They don’t shy away from being extra. They own their power and put on a show for everyone to see. In fact, the only thing a big OTT bouquet doesn’t say is “Hey there, I’m subtle”. So while it’s easy to understand why you might want to match your big personality with a big bunch of blooms, a shy bride might also consider that a large bouquet will take some of the daunting prospects of ”all eyes on you” away, and redirect them to your bouquet.

Bouquet designed by Amber Jasper Stylist. Photo thanks to Peggy Saas.

They’re packed with personality.

With such a large design surface, there are lots of floral options to pack your bouquet with. Layers of texture and form bursting at the seams. An experienced florist knows how to ensure your BIG OTT baby is bold for all of the right reasons and not just a big old mess.

While a big bouquet will come with a big price tag, these beauties are in an enormous portion of your photographs and will be in the forever memories printed throughout your home. So I strongly encourage any bride who likes the look and sound of a large OTT bouquet, to consider splurging on this prized item and save elsewhere. You might consider eliminating or downsizing flowers on cocktail tables and coffee tables that will be long forgotten about. For the item that will be with you all day, in your hands, your photos and your memories, get that one right! Big is best!

Bouquet designed by The Bohemian Flower Collective. Photo thanks to Ben and Ebony

They’re heavy.

Big bouquets are heavy. They’re made with fresh, real flowers. Have you ever picked up a single stem of king protea before? Those things are legitimate weapons on a stick. So specifically if you’ve asked for natives in your bouquet, be prepared to do some reps before walking down the aisle. Or simply utilise your helpful bridesmaids and pass the parcel if you need to rest those wrists.

Note: We always make an effort to show our brides how their bouquet has been designed to be held. Different shapes have different tricks and tips that allow you to alleviate the weight. Ask your florist how to show you how to hold your bouquet when it is delivered the morning of your wedding. 

Bouquet designed by Signature Floral Design Photo thanks to Keeper Creative.

Ms Zebra Says: Couldn’t agree more that an OTT bouquet is the way to go!!! Why not? You get one day to shine, you may as well make it big!!! Thanks Rebecca for sharing your intimate knowledge of all things bouquets!

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By day we create one-of-a kind arrangements from our flagship store, located within the stunning State Buildings, Perth. By night our large scale floral installations can be found across events and weddings, from ballrooms to backyards. Find out more here.



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