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In the months of unpredictable weather, we will always check the forecast in the days leading up to the wedding date. We like to plan for all scenarios and keep not only our clients but our drivers informed of what the weather is doing.

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We also like to make our couples aware that when the roads are very wet, traffic tends to slow down and as such we always suggest leaving extra time for travel. Many venues or country locations have dirt or gravel roads or even grassy areas where we can take the cars. This all changes in the really wet months as we may not be able to drive on these roads or paths. It’s always a good idea to check with your event/venue coordinator for an update on the conditions of the grounds.

Choice of cars also plays a large role in the cooler months, choosing a convertible Jaguar or Mercedes Benz is not really ideal in June or July. It does happen occasionally however chances are you would not get to enjoy the benefits of the top down on a cold rainy day.

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Autumn lends itself to creating some beautiful photographs, there is a certain buzz in the air in the early autumn days, although it does cool down earlier in the late afternoon. The combination of the colourful leaves and the sun creates a rich, golden hour light in the late afternoon. This time is perfect for wedding photos and we highly encourage planning to take advantage of this.

Unlike summer weddings where we have light until 9pm, you will find in from late autumn to the middle of winter, the sun will set around 5pm and get dark very quickly after that. It’s a good idea to factor this into your days proceedings so as to allow enough time for photos either before or after your ceremony. We notice that the average reception drop off/finish time in autumn/winter is 5-5.30pm whereas in summer this can be 6.30-7pm. Bear this in mind so that you leave enough time to utilise the cars in some of your wedding photos and video.

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Keeping the bridal party comfortable, warm and dry is our main priority on the day. Our cars all have large golf umbrellas in the boot and our chauffeurs will open the doors and hold the umbrellas to keep everyone dry while they make their entrance into the ceremony. For the photos after the ceremony, we provide the bridal party members with these same umbrellas as they may need to use these during the photos outside.

Our experienced chauffeurs can suggest some photo locations that may be appropriate when the skies open up, however, this is mostly organised by the photographer on the day who should have a backup plan in case of rain.

If the day is particularly cold we also provide some soft blankets in the cars just to keep everyone warm and comfortable.

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Ms Zebra Says: A luxury car is such a great way to elevate the sophistication level of any wedding! Who wouldn’t want to roll up in a Rolls, looking their best to marry their best friend? Count me in.

About Triple R Luxury Cars: Triple R Luxury Car Hire is Melbourne’s leading provider of classic European wedding cars. With over 36 years of experience, this family owned and operated business has provided unrivalled friendly and reliable service to over 22,000 couples. Our fleet of 30 classic vehicles offers timeless beauty and sophistication for your wedding day or special event to ensure you arrive in style.



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