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Happy Monday Dotties! We are deep into the winter cold, so what better way to get some relief than a week packed with the very best wedding stories?

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We do love the boho look of this stationery on wood from Erin at The Rustic At Heart. But don’t think her creativity stops here – there’s acrylic, paperware, cake toppers, and leather invitations and even the cutest of Christmas decorations. As an artist, Erin likes to offer something different to her wedding clients, and with their lovely hand-drawn quality, this wedding stationery will set your day apart from others. Custom designs and even engraving on agate are also available – in fact, The Rustic at Heart is a one-stop shop for all things wedding stationery and wedding decor – even down to signs and placemats. All offered to you with the magic of beautiful design to match your wedding style.

We asked Erin from The Rustic At Heart five questions in five minutes:

What is the most important piece of advice you can give to engaged couples?

Definitely make it you! Your wedding is an occasion for you to celebrate your story and your journey as a couple. Your guests will remember your day if it reflects all the fun quirks and characteristics of your relationship. And most of all, it will be a day that will make you both on cloud nine.

Tell us about a hidden talent you have?

I love to draw. I am a Visual Artist so love to get back to some good old illustration whenever I get the chance. I try to plan a little creative project each holiday. Anything from murals on our walls at home to custom skateboards.

As a vendor, what excites you about the wedding day?

We do a lot of pre-work for weddings and rarely get to see the magic of the day in person. So for us when we get to see your day captured in photographs and hear your stories it’s pretty exciting. So many elements come together to create the couple’s style and vibe and we are just one element. So I love seeing how the couples piece it all together.

What are you known for?

Our love of timber! Our timber range of stationery and signage is definitely what The Rustic at Heart is about. It is only a portion of our range that we stock but its definitely what we have become known and loved for by our clients. Timber is full of texture and colour and etches such fine detail that it makes a fantastic medium to work with.

If you could choose a song to play for the rest of your life what would it be?

Meiko, Stuck on You.
I love this song. It’s so upbeat and fun and was one of the songs from my own wedding day!

Visit The Rustic At Heart’s page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week. The Rustic at Heart is a member of the Polka Dot Directory.


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