The Five Things To Look For In A Great Tailor

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Oscar Hunt

With made to measure tailoring becoming the newest trend in classic menswear, it is important to know what makes a good tailor and how to discern if you are purchasing a quality product which suits you and your needs. An experienced tailor will know the correct measurements to take of your body, but more importantly they should listen and get to know you and your needs. These are the top five things to look for in a tailor to have the ultimate tailoring experience and getting that suit that fits, as the say, “like a glove”.

1. Getting to know you

Tailoring is all about the relationship. Your tailor should take the time to listen and get to know you. They should have years of experience in menswear and be there to advise on the best possible product for your requirements.

There are many decisions that go into the making of a suit and a good tailor is there to help make sure it is as painless as possible. You should feel comfortable around your tailor to ask any questions no matter how silly they may sound.

2. Taking the correct measurements

An experienced and knowledgeable tailor will take upwards of 30 measurements. They should also take specific note of posture, balance and shoulder position. They should know how you wear your clothes and how you like your suits to fit.

There should always be a master tailor who is overseeing every step of the process. They have a deep technical knowledge of how each adjustment can affect another part of the garment and with their years of experience, know how to do so with absolute precision. If the master tailor works in house, you can guarantee your measurements will be taken correctly and your suit cut to perfection.

3. Understanding the occasion

It is important they take note of what event you require the garment for, and what time of year it will be used. Every piece of knowledge here is key to selecting what is right for you. Their expertise in every formal situation, from a royal wedding at Windsor Castle, to a beach in San Tropez, should be unrivalled.

4. Understanding the fabric and design options

Knowing the occasion is an integral step of the process but knowing what to do with that information is key to creating the perfect product for you. A good tailor will have an extensive range of fabrics to select from but they will also guide you based on budget, time of year and wearability.

It is essential they take the time to get to know your sense of fashion and provide advice that is right for you. A good tailor should be aware of which fabrics will suit your needs and which style options will match your occasion, whilst differentiating you from the crowd.

5. Feeling Comfortable

It is most important that you feel comfortable in what you wear. During the 2nd and 3rd fitting you should be completely honest with your tailor about how the suit fits. It is important to air any grievances at this point so they can do everything to help. A good tailor will always have a solution to any of your problems. Comfort equals confidence, and confidence is truly the best look.

About Oscar Hunt: From formal to casual, and everything in between, our fitters and consultants are highly experienced in assisting grooms to find their ideal look. Whether it’s a classically-styled dinner suit for a traditionally-themed wedding, or a light-weight linen jacket and trouser for an overseas beach wedding, our wide range of fabrics and design options are sure to provide exactly what you are looking for.



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