Stacey & James’ Relaxed Home Engagement Session

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Stacey & James

I am fairly sure some of the patterned ladies roll their eyes whenever I get over-excited at an at-home engagement session landing on our desks. But you see, I love them. I love the idea of capturing a couple in their very favourite place – in a place that holds memories, celebrations and moments together. To me, it is the ultimate in making your engagement session personal.

For Stacey and James, they invited photographer Angel of Lightsmith Images to their Brisbane home, to celebrate and commemorate a proposal that was nine years in the making. “It seemed fitting to do it in a place that we felt most comfortable and where we could really be ourselves” Stacey tells.

As for how this couple’s long history together began, the bride to fills us in. “We both had mutual friends but had never actually met – we had just heard of each other. James commented on one of my Facebook photos saying I was cute. We then started talking on MSN Messenger and finally met a friends 18th birthday – we also had our first kiss this night! I almost fell over from butterflies the first time James hugged me. We became official 2 weeks later. We’ll have been together 10 years in May 2020.”

The groom to be popped the question on a celebratory weekend. “We had gone away to Maleny for the night to celebrate us moving back into our renovated house and me finishing a uni semester” explains Stacey. “We had just set up cheese and wine on the balcony of the Bed & Breakfast and I asked James to go and get a board game out of the car. When he came back, I turned around and he was on one knee asking me to marry him. It was perfect! I don’t think I said yes for a full minute because I was just in so much shock! Sorry, James!”

I love his patience and his ability to ALWAYS make me smile and laugh” tells Stacey on what she loves about James, who shared, on Stacey “I love her kindness and generosity.”

Meeting as teenagers led to some, in Stacey’s memories, embarrassing relationship stories. “James was my first boyfriend and so it was a super exciting thing for me! It was maybe only 2 or 3 weeks into us dating that we were talking over MSN. We were talking about haircuts and I told him that I liked a particular hairstyle he had in high school. He didn’t know which photo or hairstyle I was talking about – and unbeknown to him, I’d already saved the photo (cringe) and I had named it “MYYY BOYYFRANNN”. So I sent it to him but completely forgot that he would be able to see the file name. I immediately tried to cancel it but was too late. I almost died of embarrassment! We laughed about it for ages and still do now at how embarrassing and cringe it was!”


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