You’re Invited To An Italian Honeymoon

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Bec Lawrence

Photography by Carolina 

You’re invited to an Italian honeymoon with an itinerary we loved! You’ll be able to check off some of the popular sights in Europe as well as explore some of the hidden gems. It’s the perfect escape for the European Summer or Spring. Here’s a list of our hot spots and what to see and do while you’re there. 


You can fly into Rome from most major airlines and it’s a great place to kick start your honeymoon. Transportation to any city is easy from Rome. Jump on a plane, catch the train or take the scenic route and opt for a bus trip. Within Rome itself, it’s easy to get around by foot and often better as you can explore the cobblestone streets as you walk to your destination. 

Image via Bec Lawrence Greenhalgh 

What to see and do:

  • The Colosseum is obviously a must for everyone 
  • The Trevi fountain is iconic and not to be missed. Make sure you toss a coin over your shoulder, legend has it you’ll return back to Rome. 
  • Villa Borghese is a great place to escape the fast pace of the city though it’s only a short walk away from the Trevi Fountain. Explore the gardens, museums and spend the day enjoying the sunshine.


Perugia is the perfect hub for exploring the surrounding towns in the Umbria region. Just a short train or bus ride away, you’ll find Assisi and Spello, making for an easy day trip of exploring. 

 Image via Bec Lawrence Greenhalgh 

What to see and do:

  • Casa Del Cioccolato Perugina is a must for any chocolate lover. We were lucky enough to have a private tour where we wandered the factory, learned the history and of course were able to taste the chocolates being produced. We recommend booking this activity in advance.
  • Museo-Laboratorio di Tessitura a Mano Giuditta Brozzetti is a traditional textiles laboratory. Witness a family tradition still take place in today’s modern world as Marta demonstrates the different weaving techniques. Greeted by two cheerful pooches we were able to hear stories on the history of the laboratory as well as purchase a little keepsake at the end.

Image via Bec Lawrence Greenhalgh 


Florence is another bustling city with plenty to see and do. You’ll find most tourists gather at Ponte Vecchio, the famous bridge you’ve seen in many photos or below the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. There’s a reason many of the 17 million tourists gather in this area and in part it’s because of the number of cultural attractions to be seen.

Image via Bec Lawrence Greenhalgh 

What to see and do: 

  • The views of Florence from the Duomo are stunning! Join a tour group to maximise this experience and climb the 463 steps of the Duomo. We expected the walk to be difficult but it was surprisingly easy with a few stops along the way to learn the history of the art and creation of the Duomo. 
  • You must take part in a cooking class while in Florence. There are a number of offerings depending on what meals you’d like to learn and what time you prefer to cook. Our cooking class was one of the highlights from our trip, we still make the same pasta at home now!

La Spezia

La Spezia is a good base if you’d like to explore Cinque Terre but don’t have the budget to stay in the area. The first of the five towns is less than a five minute train ride away so I’d recommend getting a single or two-day train pass and exploring each town that way. 

Photography by Carolina 

What to see and do: 

  • Cinque Terre is what draws most tourists to this region. The five seaside villages are famous for the brightly coloured houses the latch on to the steep hillsides. The five towns that make up Cinque Terre are Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. We splurged a little and participated in a honeymoon photoshoot during our stay and cannot recommend the experience enough. 
  • Portovenere is often forgotten about because of the hype Cinque Terre receives. Whilst we were only there for a day trip Portovenere is one of our favourite towns in Italy and you could easily spend more than a day exploring the little alleyways and seaside views. 


What better way to finish off your honeymoon than in the village of Portofino. Enjoy an aperitivo just as the rich and famous do and spend the day shopping in the high-end boutiques that line the street.

Image via Bec Lawrence Greenhalgh 

What to see and do:

  • Take the hike up to Castello Brown, a 16th century fortress, to view the seaside village from above. The coloured buildings that line the harbour look even prettier from up here.
  • The Portofino Lighthouse is a nice walk after you’ve reached Castello Brown. Take in the views of the dark blue ocean and enjoy a light snack or beverage at the Lighthouse Lounge Bar.

Ms Zebra Says: Ahhh I’m in love with Italy and could eat their food all day, every day! This is a great itinerary to maximise your time in Italy. Thanks Bec for the wonderful recommendations.
About Bec Lawrence: I’m an animal lover, sustainability advocate and natural landscape enthusiast. On a good weekend, you’ll find me hiking with my two adorable beagles and my equally adorable husband.


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