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Gown by Dessy via Bridesmaids Only

Florals are making a real comeback in the world of weddings, especially when it comes to prints for bridesmaid dresses and dresses worn by the mother of the bride/groom. The designers have noticed and have delivered some amazing fresh dresses. If you are looking for ideas, inspiration and tips for dressing your bridesmaids or the mother of the bride/groom in stunning florals for your wedding, consider the following ideas:

For Bridesmaids

There are a lot of creative ways you can incorporate floral dresses into your bridesmaid’s looks! Thankfully, this amount of creativity gives you a lot of leeway when it comes to colours, dress styles, and the overall aesthetic of the bridesmaid’s dresses.

Let’s take a closer look at three key things to keep in mind when choosing floral dresses for bridesmaids.

1. Consider the season.

Gown by Tania Olsen via Bridesmaids Only

It’s important to keep the season in mind when choosing the look of the floral dresses. For instance, in the Spring and Summer, lighter and brighter flowers are the best option. We are loving the Blush Garden Collection and for the beach wedding you can not go wrong with the Tania Olsen Floral Infinity.

If you’re having a wedding in Autumn, opt for more subdued colours and for Winter, look for deeper, richer florals that match the winter season. Jenny Yoo has the perfect designs for these seasons. You don’t necessarily need to stick to “in season” flowers, but trying to match the colour scheme to the season will complement the day.

Gown by Dessy via Bridesmaids Only

Gowns by Jenny Yoo via Bridesmaids Only 

2. Keep bouquets on the simple side.

When you have your bridesmaids wearing florals, you will want to make sure your bouquets are on the simpler side. If you have lavish bouquets, the combination of the floral dresses and lavish flowers will simply be too much on the eyes. Keeping it simple would be to have a bouquet of the same flower and in tones of ivory or a very natural flower.

3. Strike a good balance.

It’s important not to overdo it with the florals, and you should strive to strike a balance between floral prints and the rest of the wedding. For example, if your bridesmaid dresses have floral prints, try not to use prints for your other wedding décor. You could also consider having your maid of honour and/or mother of the bride in a solid print if you have your bridesmaids in florals—or vice versa. With your bridesmaids in solid colours and your maid of honour in florals it will make the maid of honour stand out in the bridal party. There are some great mix and match options and you can talk to our team to help create the perfect blend of florals and complementary tones for you.

Image by Danielle Lewis via Bridesmaids Only 

For Mother of the Bride

One of the great things about mother of the bride and groom dresses is that they aren’t as limited or restrictive as bridesmaid’s dresses, so you can choose a dress that the mother of the bride loves without having to worry about buying 5 matching dresses and corresponding accessories. We have a floral collection available that suits day or night, fresh or bold. Our team can also help with making sure your mother feels confident and comfortable.

MOB Gowns by Adrienne Partel via Mothers Only

For mother of the bride, keep the same principles as the bridesmaid’s dresses in mind. Stick to seasonal florals, make sure that any floral accessories (such as floral pins or hair accessories) are simple and make sure that the mother of the bride dress is balanced with the rest of the bridal party. Since mother of the bride dresses tend to be longer, keep this in mind when choosing busy prints. When it comes to styling your bridesmaids or mother of the bride in florals, keep the above tips in mind and your wedding will be as beautiful as a flower garden!

Ms Zebra Says: We all love a bit of floral within weddings. These designs are great to complement any wedding style!

Tessa is the new owner of Bridesmaids Only. After spending 12 years mainly focused on the mens side, she was super excited to take on the bridesmaids and is determined to bring a more relaxed, fresh and fun vibe to the industry. Creating new designs with her amazing team that make everybody feel confident and comfortable no matter their shape or size.


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