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As the weather heats up, so too does your social diary: spring weddings, engagement parties, birthdays, days at the races, work parties and a range of other events are headed your way (yay!). If you’re ready to hit spring with a renewed sense of gentlemanly style, the team at InStitchu – Australia’s premier custom, made-to-measure tailoring business – are here to help. Here are four of their tips on executing spring style, sunny side up.

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Seasonal Fabrics
The simplest path to spring style is choosing seasonally appropriate fabrics. Because all InStitchu suits are customisable and made-to-measure, you can select from hundreds of lightweight fabrics perfect for the warmer months, most of which you won’t find at off-the-rack retail stores. While 100% Australian Merino wool is an all-year round winner (ensure you’ve got at least one or two in the closet before introducing other fibres), linen and cotton are the true warm weather specialists. The texture, drape and breathability of these fabrics immediately gives your look a more casual and playful summery edge, perfect for smart casual events and party season.

Colour Pop
Perhaps it’s the bright flowers in bloom or the blue in the sky, but nothing says ‘spring is here’ like the addition of colour in your outfit. Whether that’s bolder shades of suiting fabrics for the races, lighter colours in cotton/linen (think light blues or creams for safe bets) for events like engagement parties or garden/country weddings, or more vibrant shirts, ties or pocket squares, colour is a simple and fun way to execute spring style. Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to go overboard. The trick is to try and stick to one major highlight colour across your outfit, and tone back everything else to neutral tones like blue, grey and beige.

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Casual Details
Saying goodbye to winter also means saying hello to a more playful summery style. One of the great parts about shopping with InStitchu is that you can customise every detail of a suit, so while many of the off-the-rack brands present more standardised and conservative detailing, you’re able to have some fun with seasonally appropriate design. Think: patch pockets on your blazer (rather than the ordinary flap pockets), fresh buttons in tortoiseshell or white, side tabs on your trousers and bold and colourful lining.

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Necessary Accessories
You’ve got your suit sorted, but what else to add? Spring is the time to be more adventurous in your styling, particularly if you’re headed to the races or fun events with an open bar/dancefloor. Little touches like a puffed-out silk or linen pocket square, some tasteful bracelets or rings, sunnies in the breast-pocket and loafers sans socks can lend a bit of that Italian-inspired laid-back flair you expect from summer outfitting.

About InStitchu: We believe that every man should be able to afford high quality tailored suits and shirts. Our customers order by designing their own tailored suit or shirt from scratch or can use an existing design from our collections page. With a guaranteed fit policy, we have strict quality control procedures to ensure our tailored suits and shirts meet the highest quality standards expected by our customers.

You can book in for an appointment at InStitchu to discuss your options with an expert Stylist at one of their many Showrooms, or dive in and design your dream suit online right now.


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