Erin & Tim’s Sunset Farm Love Shoot

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Erin & Tim

This isn’t a shoot to celebrate an engagement – it’s purely just a beauty to celebrate how these two love one another. A farm in Toowoomba, Fennel & Fern behind the camera and four years of history between them. This was a recipe for a session that spoke of love, of the beauty of the Australian countryside and Mother Nature’s very best golden sunsets.

Tim fills us in on how the pair met. “We met in high school, we were in the same year group but we didn’t have a whole lot to do with each other until many years after we graduated when we reconnected by ‘chance’.” Erin adds “My friend found his profile on tinder, so I made an account and looked him up. When we matched I felt so embarrassed that I deleted the account, but then he messaged me on Facebook, we’ve been inseparable ever since”.

“I love everything about Tim, he works incredibly hard and is the most driven person I know,” tells Erin. “He makes me proud and teaches me new things every day. He is so supportive of me and all my crazy ideas. Tim has a gentle soul, he is quiet, observant and nearly ALWAYS right! (Which drives me mental) He is my perfect human <3”

On what he loves about Erin, Tim shares “I love how Erin has this knack for bringing so much energy into a space, where ever she goes she lights up the room. She’s the kind of girl everybody wants to be around because she’s so much fun, she’s so caring (would literally do anything for the people she loves), she’s beautiful inside and out, and she has the BEST laugh you’ll ever hear in your life. She’s painfully stubborn, but it’s because of that that she pushes me to be the best version of myself.”

Part of what I love about today’s shoot is just how much fun these two have together! Erin shares “We wanted to capture the real us, we are pretty awkward in front of a camera so we grabbed some beers, pumped some music and just had a lot of laughs while Anita did her thing! The photos are so natural and beautiful!”


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