Cocktail Friday – Mojito Jug Recipe

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Jug cocktails are the best idea for feeding a crowd and we particularly love them for a wedding, especially during The Feast Issue. So today, we’ve got one of our favourite cocktails – the citrusy, minty mojito in jug form!

A mojito brings to life all the summer vibes, so I know it’s just the ticket for a batch cocktail for a wedding. I am a citrus lover, so my mojitos are heavy on the lime side, and it’s that combined with the mint and bucketloads of ice that makes this one a definite favourite of mine.

The thing I love about a mojito is it can be a lazy, or intense effort cocktail – it’s just up to you. For instance, I rarely have sugar syrup lying around, so I grab the nearest sugar (white is always classic, but brown sugar brings this delicious caramel flavour). Don’t have fresh lime juice? Or rather, too lazy to juice limes? Easy, just grab a muddler (or rolling pin!) and squish your fresh limes straight in the jug.

I also love a mojito made with champagne- just substitute half the sofa water for the bubbles, and add in fresh fruit like strawberries or blueberries for a pretty in pink drink.


(Makes one and a half litre which is about seven to eight servings)

  • 6 fresh limes, 5 cut into quarters, one into slices for garnishing
  • Fresh mint (about 30 leaves)
  • 150ml Simple syrup (you can also switch this out for 1/2 cup white sugar)
  • 250m White Rum
  • 1Litre Soda Water
  • Three cups crushed Ice


  1. In your jug, add quarter limes and mint and muddle together well to release the oils of the mint and the juice of the limes
  2. Add plenty of ice and chill until serving
  3. Add ice to your highball glasses
  4. Pour in your mojito cocktail
  5. Garnish with fresh mint and lime slices



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