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For some men, cleanser, moisturisers and hair products have now become the norm. And for others, the most effort only goes into their shower and shaving.
Preparing your money-maker for your big day is important and not just for the ladies. So here are a few tips in skincare that we, at neoSKiN, would like to recommend for the grooms. Men like to keep it easy and simple. At neoSKiN we use high potency, natural based products that are Australian made with fast and effective results.

Here is our step by step pre-wedding skincare routine for the big day.

Morning Routine:

Always wash your face, morning and night, with the appropriate cleanser. Do not use soap! Soap strips all your natural oils and will leave your skin feeling tight, dry and looking dull, it can even aggravate sensitivity after shaving. Shaving rash is what we want to avoid on our big day and neoSKiN has the perfect product for that.

Step 1
CLEANSE – with Skinceutical’s exfoliating cleanser which is suitable for all skin types. This cleanser has a duo action exfoliating technology which constantly dissolves surface skin cells so there is no need to exfoliate as this does it for you.
Step 2
SERUM – Skinceutical’s phlorentin CF gel, which is excellent for post shaving and well tolerated by the skin. This will help give the groom a healthy, luminous glow, while calming down any redness, sensitivity and preventing shaving rash.
Step 3
MOISTURISE – after applying your daily serum, we recommend using neo moisture as your daily moisturiser. Neo moisture will leave your skin looking and feeling brighter, softer and with a smooth even complexion.

Night time routine is simple with only two steps:
Night time Routine

Step 1
CLEANSE – with the same cleanser at night. Followed by your night cream.
Step 2
NIGHT CREAM – after cleansing, apply NEOsmooth which will further help in renewal of new skin and keeping that skin youthful, healthy and vibrant.

3 x Microdermabrasion and LED Light therapy 2 weeks apart
1 x Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Mask with LED 1 day before the wedding
This will leave the skin looking fresh and glowing.
This routine is very easy to follow and excellent for any male who is looking at improving the texture of their skin. The regime is safe for all skin types, very effective and easy for most men to commit to!

Established in 2005, neoSKiN is one of Victoria’s most respected skin clinics who offer clients a range of non-invasive cosmetic treatments from specialized skin programs and facials to IPL and medical grade lasers for hair reduction, through to medical needling and injectables – all designed to realise one’s skins potential. Visit our website to see our full range of products and in-house treatment.


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