“You Can Thank Me Later” Ft. Celebrant Kitty Kulman: 6 Helpful Tips For A Stress Free Lead Up To The Big Day

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It is completely normal to have more than a few butterflies in your tummy on your wedding day. It is a super important day – you get to marry your soul mate and best friend. It is exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time and there is such a lead up to one awesome party.
But as someone who has been around many a bride and groom in my time, here is a little advice to make things go as smoothly as possible.

Be helpful.

Don’t let your partner carry the burden of planning. If you both work full time then you may consider getting some help with a wedding planner. Split up the tasks so both of you source potential vendors to help you put together your wedding. Organise what you are wearing and take an active role in this awesome occasion you are planning together.
Be involved.

If your partner has their heart set on a particular way they want something done, know about it. There is nothing worse, than on the day being questioned by others as to where the florals should go/chair arrangement/where that special signing pen is. If you are DIY-ing your wedding this is especially important. If you are relying on awesome vendors to help, then it should all be pretty easy.
Be united.

Do you know what is required to be married? Your celebrant/priest/pastor can give you the run down. Are you both writing vows that you want kept secret from each other? And what about the party? Do you both want the smoke machine at the reception? It is best to have these conversations early so you are both on the same page when it comes to knowing what you want. It will save you from some awkward conversations such as when cousin Jill asks if she can bring her three kids.

Be prepared.

It sounds like a Scout motto but know where your speech/vows/rings are so you don’t find yourself in a last minute, frantic rush. Or stress! If you are a procrastinator then make sure you have plenty of time before the ceremony to get it all together. There will be NO time prior to the reception to be thinking up a speech.
Be patient.

Not everyone handles stress the same way. You may find your partner turning into this frazzled creature that you’ve never encountered before or crying when the flowers they wanted aren’t in season. Weddings can be a big thing. Not everyone likes the idea of being centre of attention or public speaking. Be kind and patient as this will pass and once that ceremony is over and the party begins then all that stress will melt away.
Be you.

At end of the day this about you both loving each other and wanting to spend your lives together. Stick to your guns and don’t let anyone else dictate how your day should be. Everyone will have an opinion – trust me. But if that opinion conflicts with the idea of what you want from your day, then be polite but firm in your explanation as to why you both want to do it differently.

Kitty Kulman of My Wedding Celebrant is a very experienced celebrant with 10 years of marrying loved up couples. She loves nothing more than a laugh, some sparkles and some fun. Kitty has a warm and genuine personality that will put your right at ease and a very professional manner so you will be in good hands.When she is not marrying couples or working at her day job, Kitty loves spending time with her young kids and husband and going to the gym. See more of Kitty’s beautiful wedding day here.

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