Wanting & Ian’s Romantic Sydney Clifftop Engagement

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Wanting & Ian


It seems it was always meant to be for today’s lovers, Wanting and Ian. The pair met as teenagers. “We met in school when we were 17” explains the pair. “We were seated next to each other on the first day of class in our second year of polytechnic studies.” It seems it was always meant to be for today’s lovers,

These two? They live in Singapore, but wanted the breathtaking Australian landscape as the backdrop to their engagement photos, enlisting photographer Lana Ivanova to join them as they wandered through Sydney’s Royal National Park together. The landscape, with its majestic clifftops just what they had dreamt of, sharing “We stood in awe of the majestic cliffs and coastal waves”. Today, we share their story.

“I love Wanting’s spontaneous moments,” tells Ian. “Her passion in pursuing things she loves like photography and floristry. I also really love her heart for others.”


Ian popped the question at one of the bride to be’s favourite places, they remember for us “While we were holidaying in Hokkaido, Ian proposed at one of the flower fields Wanting loves. It was early in the morning, just before the summer tourist crowd arrived.”

On what she loves most about her future husband, Wanting shares “Ian is extremely patient and extends much grace to me even when I’m not the being loveliest. He has a big protective heart for the ones he loves and I feel safe with him. He also makes me laugh a little too much at times!”

There is plenty of adventure and plenty of laughter for these two, who have had their share of both! They tell one of their favourites. “In Kawaguchiko, Japan, there is a small quaint town that we really like. We took a trip to the same town a few years later and made an effort to revisit the few restaurants we’ve been to in our previous trip. We located a particular restaurant based on our memory, and sat through the dinner with a sense of nostalgia, appreciation and left thinking it’s amazing we could return years later together to the same spot.” (continued below)


“As we made our way back to the hotel, we passed by the actual restaurant that we had dined at years ago! It turned out that the two restaurants simply look similar and where it seemed different, we quickly assumed it underwent a minor renovation.
There were several occasions like this when we trust each other too much and get absorbed in our own world of make-belief, but we had always have a good laugh afterwards..!”


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