Cocktail Friday – Rosehip & Pink Grapefruit Spritz

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Summer, to me, is all about spritzes. It’s for lazy afternoons in the sunshine with big glasses full of delicious drinks, plenty of ice and plenty of good music and even better company. And while classic spritzes are always a winner, I’m always interested in something a little different, a little new. Enter Sacred Spirit’s Rosehip Cup.

The British brand has just launched in Australia, who started under founder Ian Hart’s foray into distilling his own gin. Rosehip Cup was developed as a natural alternative to Campari, but it soon took flight as a versatile aperitif. It’s made, of course, from rosehips, alongside rhubarb and  Spanish orange, but it takes its deep ruby red hue from the blush of red grape skins. The addition of Peruvian ginger adding just the right amount of spice. It’s a little floral, a little bitter and a lot delicious. Imagine a walk through a blooming English garden on a stifling summers day and you’ve got the Rosehip Cup.

We were delighted when the team sent us over a bottle of Rosehip Cup to play with! Because Summer is about colour, we wanted to honour all the rosy hues as we experimented with different cocktails. Of course, a spritz was always going to be on our menu! To honour the season of colour and our love of spritzes, we came up with today’s rosehip & pink grapefruit spritz cocktail recipe. It’s a gorgeous pink, long and icy and just the ticket for summer days.

Instead of a traditional sparkling water spritz, we switched in pink grapefruit soda (our pick is by Capi) and of course, added in fresh pink grapefruit slices. The bitterness of the grapefruit sings right alongside the flavour of the rosehip cup, and the sweetness of the soda balances it beautifully (and adds a little extra pink to the punch!).



  1. Fill a large wine glass (or whiskey balloon as we used here) with ice
  2. Using a 3-2-1 ration, add sparkling wine, Rosehip Cup and pink grapefruit soda to the glass. For example, 90ml prosecco, 60ml Rosehip Cup, 30ml pink grapefruit soda
  3. Stir well
  4. Add pink grapefruit slices as a garnish
  5. Enjoy!

Ms Zebra Says: Yum yum yum!!! If the colour and chill of the glass doesn’t make you want to create this beauty, I don’t know what will. What a cocktail to add to the repertoire for a summer afternoon!


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