Cocktail Friday – Summer Peach Spritz

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Polka Dot Bride

Happy Summer days are here again and what better way to celebrate than mixing up one of the most delicious fruits of the season into a tasty wedding cocktail?

Our Summer Peach Spritz was born out of a love of the beautiful peach. White peaches, are my favourite, especially when they’re freshly picked and a little crisp. Lemonade makes the drink last a little longer, which in my world is a must-have for sunny summer afternoons! But if you want this one a little less sweet, swap the lemonade out for tonic or soda water. Moving to Australia to eat a lot of peaches with us yet?


  • 30ml Peach liqueur
  • One white peach and one yellow peach cut into slices
  • 60ml Lemonade
  • Sparkling wine or Prosecco
  • Fresh thyme for garnish
  • Ice


  1. In your glass, add peach liqueur and 2-3 fresh peach slices and stir
  2. Top with lemonade and fill glass with Prosecco when ready to serve, stir well
  3. Garnish with a sprig of fresh thyme


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