Why To Choose A “Blank Canvas” Reception Venue

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There’s a reason a “blank canvas” is referred to as so. It means that anyone can come and make their mark, from the professional artist to the amateur creatives. A blank canvas venue holds the potential to become a great piece of art. It offers the framing, the shape and the foundation to build upon, a place or space where someone can produce something incredible. That’s why blank-canvas wedding venues are so great.

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What defines a blank canvas venue?
The space needs to be one that offers all the foundations of style (this doesn’t mean sacrificing the basics and good amenities). This can be through simple neutral tones or large empty spaces. Some of the best examples of these are converted warehouses, where a rustic backdrop offers just enough character, while still being able to be totally transformed. Others may be gallery spaces or stripped-back heritage venues with lots of white and bright light.

What can a blank canvas venue offer others can’t?
Simply put, versatility. The right venue has the ability to cater to anyone’s taste with as little, or as much effort as you like. Current trends may be pointing towards the low-key and rustic styling (perfectly suited to the older-converted venues) but bringing in some contrast and colour to the canvas is what it’s all about. Popping florals or the addition of lighting suddenly make a venue vibrant, in the same way paint does to the canvas.

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This minimalism allows couples to build their vision with less restriction. When locked into a heavily detailed venue, it can be less daunting if you’ve made the right choice, when all the other options with styling are available.
The minimalism of these venues allows for couples to have the freedom of creating their vision with no restrictions. While other venues may be more styled or themed, the blank canvas allows you to take a look at any and all of the styling options available in the industry (of which there are thousands) and create your wedding day to be as unique as you are.

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Stripped-back or dressed-up?
It’s totally up to you. Simple setups always work well, whether it’s a rustic Australian theme utilising eucalyptus, wood and earthy tones on long tables or taking the luxe route with black and gold accents on round tables and elegant centrepieces (we’re a particular fan of hanging Edison globe installations).
Other great styling ideas like, white bentwood chairs on room-length tables, simple floral runners and draped white tablecloths (particularly on hardwood floors). Contrasting minimal surrounds and elevating them through classic styling.

At the end of the day, the blank canvas is the starting point that allows you to create your wedding to your exact specifications and with a city like Melbourne teeming with a vibrant and creative wedding industry, the only limit is your imagination.

Cargo Hall is the beautiful blank canvas venue under the Showtime Event Group family. Located on South Wharf Promenade, overlooking the Melbourne city skyline.

A venue built upon the warehouse history of South Wharf, retaining its maritime charm with subtle nods to its previous life. Using reclaimed wood, original timber floorboards and a feature illuminated back-bar. Rebuilt as a dedicated event space with a mezzanine level and venue-length glass conservatory, making Cargo Hall a brilliant modern wedding venue in a fantastic location.

Polka Dot Dream Team...

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  • Cassandra Lane says:
    January 15, 2020 at 2:41 am

    Wow this venue looks gorgeous!! I personally love blank canvas wedding venues and it gives space for your imagination to run wild!



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