Colourful Wedding Cake Inspiration for 2020

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Ms Tweed

A colourful creation by Miss Ladybird Cakes

Polka Dot Bride sat down with our resident sweet-treat queens, Miss Ladybird Cakes, Dark Cherry and Bakes by Jean to chat about two of our favourite things – Colour & Cake.

Check out these stunning creations, using both subtle and boundary pushing colour techniques. I dare you not to drool.

Dark Cherry: 

What was the inspiration behind this colourful creation
DC: The theme for this cake was ‘boho elegance’ with a colour palette including oranges and burgundies. I included a little gold leaf detailing and golden sugar pearls so the sun would catch and make them shine.
What are the details of the design and the delicious flavours?
DC: The flavour of this cake was chocolate orange with layers of light and fluffy chocolate cake filled with layers of choc/orange ganache and covered in vanilla bean Swiss meringue buttercream. The design includes my love of juxtaposed styles and techniques with smooth sides topped with textured top edges, using the gold leaf to highlight the organic lines of the tier tops.
I love the little hints of blue that peek through in the buttercream palette. It includes a combination of fresh and preserved florals which pick up those elements of the colour palette that work nicely together, bright orange ranunculus teamed with burgundy cattails and preserved hydrangea with a few fresh roses as well.
As the theme was boho, I also created a little bamboo teepee structure to sit over the top of the cake!
Why do you love this cake?
DC: I love the simplicity of the overall design but the high level of textural detail. Plus, the flavour of choc/orange takes me back to my childhood where sucking the red coating off Jaffas was great fun!
Miss Ladybird Cakes:
What was the inspiration behind this colourful creation?
MLB: Adam and Rye got married in Ubud Bali and  had a small registry at Altar Electric organised, so they wanted something fun and eclectic to tie in with some tropical inspired foliage. Bringing the two events together.
What are the details of the design and the delicious flavours?
MLB: Three tier buttercream finish with layers of texture and gold hidden beneath sheer layers of white buttercream. Touches of gold leaf and decorated with tropical inspired foliage.
On Top: Citrus cake – Middle: Chocolate salted caramel – Bottom: Champagne strawberry
Why do you love this cake?
MLB: I love this cake because those sheer bits of buttercream reveal all this colourful fun happening underneath and no bit looks the same!
Bakes By Jean: 
Cakes by Bakes by Jean 

What was the inspiration behind these colourful creations?

Teal Cake: Shona, the bride knew that she loved colour and wanted an extra-ordinary cake!

Floral Cake: The bride Bonnie loves flowers. And with a sweet name like hers, she wanted floral but understated. A cake that made an impact but one that was also elegant.

What are the details of the designs &  delicious flavours?

Teal Cake: Pressed flowers from Kylie at Babylon Flowers and some spray painted gold. Chocolate Caramel with Honeycomb, Nuts About Nutella with Tim Tam chunks and Lemon Delicious with Biscuit crumbs and crushed Meringue pieces.

Floral Cake: The cake flavours were Caramel Delight, Full of Passion and PB ’n’ J with Peanut Brittle. All of that hidden inside this beautiful cake.

Why do you love these cakes?

Teal Cake: I love the bold orchids against the teal frosting of the cake.

Floral Cake: I love this cake so much. It was my first time using dried pressed flowers on cake. I sourced the Lavender from a friends garden and the Cornflower and Fern from my balcony. Which I then ironed to dry and pressed them. I was a bag of nerves! But the end result is beyond stunning.

Ms Zebra Says: These colourful creations not only look fab, but I’m sure taste sensational too! Thank you to our fabulous vendors for sharing!


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