Pure & Colourful Class: Introducing The 2020 Gatsby Collection By Bellissimo Regno

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Bellissimo Regno

We are going mad here at Polka Dot Bride for the uber luxurious and fashion forward menswear brand Bellissimo Regno. This lot aren’t afraid to inject a little colour into their tailored to perfection menswear looks.

We sat down with Bellissimo Regno to find out more about their Gatsby inspired Spring/Summer collection.

Who are the brains behind the brand? 

As an entrepreneur, Udit wants to make buying products as simple as possible for his customers. With the growth in e-commerce and the specific company taking on the world, there are only a few industries it does not affect – bespoke fashion being one of them.

Bellissimo Regno aims to eliminate middlemen and be the manufacturer that supplies directly to the customers and lets them design their suits, formal wear & wedding wear so that they can wear their confidence wherever they go. Since Udit was a child, his passion laid in designing things and talking to people. Inspiration struck when he decided to translate his childhood passion for designing things into an independent venture – Bellissimo Regno, a merger of fashion and technology.

Tell me about the choice of the company’s name?

The company name essentially emanates from who we are as a brand – the craftsmen designing the ‘Beautiful Kingdom’ for the Elegant, the Luxurious and the beau ideal. The logo too brings out the true essence of the company. The North Star in the middle gives people the direction they need to move towards becoming more confident individuals.

The start point or the centre portrays longevity, and the darker lines represent boldness. The four dark lines on the outside symbolize the four products a well-dressed man will always have – a well-tailored suit, a well-fitted shirt, beautiful shoes and accessories that complement his look.

What is the inspiration behind your 2020 collections/ranges?

The essence of our 2020 Gatsby collection lies in immersing oneself in the New York of the roaring ’20s – losing one’s mind to the Jazz of L. Armstrong, entering a summer house in Long Island and attending the auction of the latest Avant-garde artists.

It is a class that can be described best for its use of lighter shades of blues and greys for their summer outfits and the use of khaki and darker shades of colours for their winter ones. Apart from being a trendy and classy collection, it also contains a rather sentimental vibe to it – it celebrates the will power and courage it takes to come out of a hazardous situation that currently engulfs the land down under.

The Great Gatsby taught all of us that optimism is noble and this is the exact emotion we wish to attach to our 2020 collection.

What makes this collection special? 

What makes it unique is the fact that the Collection consists of fabrics from different mills all across Europe, with a focus on the Dugdale Bros. from England, a mill who boasts over a century of experience in fabric manufacturing.

The 2020 Gatsby Collection is based on the rollicking, tumultuous decade known as the Roaring Twenties, from its wild parties, dancing and economic boom that allowed the United States to grow as the pre-eminent power in the world. The Great Gatsby captures the exuberance of the 1920s.

At this current time of crisis, we wish to bring in any ray of hope that will motivate the world to emerge out of this catastrophe much stronger and more optimistic.

What do you think grooms should consider for spring and summer styles?

Summer and spring are the most popular times of the year to tie the knot. Everything is flowering, and it’s bright all around. At a pleasant time as such, light colours like white, blue, pink or lavender seem to make the grooms stand out on their special day.

Wearing a dark colour like a black or a navy blue takes away the essence of the summer look. The fabric too, should either be wool or linen. If the grooms wish to add an element of shine to their outfit, they could go for a silk mix. However, a suit made of silk, cashmere or velvet is a complete no-no.

What would be your advice to a groom planning his special day outfit?

K.I.S.S. – Keep it Simple Silly. Our advice to the groom would be to look good for your bride, look like the best man in the room but not overdress himself with accessories. Short pants that show socks never go too well with the groom’s attire — not being too flashy at a day or outdoor wedding is an absolute essential to be mindful about.

We would advise grooms against wearing a watch because it tends to convey that they may be looking at the time and this may not be the best impression to leave at their weddings. Overall, they must try to complement their bride in terms of colour and look because weddings are all about coming together and completing each other.

About Bellissimo Regno: is an online platform, created to provide you with tailored suits, hand-crafted impeccably to make you feel like royalty. With us, bring out the designer in you and design your own suit to be revolutionary, unique and truly you. Wear your confidence up your sleeve with Bellissimo Regno and be the emperor of your own beautiful kingdom!


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