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Happy Monday Dotties! We are so thrilled to kick off another full and bright week!

The start of another colour filled week as we celebrate all things bright and cheerful with the Colour Issue. How cheerful and fun to be inspired by all the colour you could ever want in our posts this week! In our Polka Dot Directory we have so many wonderful wedding vendors. We have Menswear, we have Cinematography, we have Transport and Jewellery – we even have Hair & Beauty and Entertainment!

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There’s something about those distant blue mountains, the tropical colours, the colour of the sea and sunsets in Matthew Evans Photography images that are so QLD, and so Australian. He captures these with such clarity and beauty it makes you want to pack your family and friends up and escape to the tropics. And indeed, that is what couples from down south do – make a holiday for a week of relaxing with family and friends with a wedding as the highlight of the week. With Matthew’s local knowledge he knows all the best places for the perfect shot, the most romantic sunsets, and those beach and palm tree scenes that speak so eloquently of the tropics. What better way to create long lasting memories of your wedding surrounded by your loved ones, with Matthew’s images the icing on the (wedding) cake!

We asked Matthew from Matthew Evans Photography five questions in five minutes:

What is the most important piece of advice you can give to engaged couples?

There are no rules to weddings, plan it the way you want! You don’t have to get married locally with 200 guests, you can get married anywhere and invite only the people that make you happy and are an important part of your life.
Most of the weddings I shoot are couples from Sydney and Melbourne who have travelled to beautiful North Queensland in the winter/spring to escape the cold and turn their wedding into a week long holiday in the tropics.
I’ll often shoot weddings with 30-50 guests who have been getting to know each other for a few days, heading out the the reef, rainforest, playing golf, lazing by the pool drinking cocktails … There is always so much love and laughter, and rarely a stressful moment.

Tell us about a hidden talent you have?

When I get into it I’m obsessed by it, I love trail running. If the weather is decent and I’m not swamped by work it’s the number one thing I want to go out and do. I find it’s the greatest stress relief – it gets me away from a screen, and it makes me incredibly happy (even when it’s painful!).

As a vendor, what excites you about the wedding day?

I see so many weddings, dresses, flowers and cakes. The one thing that is truely unique and exciting for me is the reactions and emotions throughout the day.
I get excited when the bride sees her bouquet for the first time, the bride’s dad sees his daughter in her dress, the groom sees his bride, the couple see their reception setup …
I love that I get to see and capture these moments.

What are you known for?

Creating wedding images that are meant to be displayed BIG on the wall at home. I get a lot of couples who book me because they love my epic landscapes featuring a bride and groom, I also get a lot of comments on my bright, colourful and contrasty images. I think that I stand out in that way, I try to keep my editing timeless and colourful, lots of greens, blues and reds!

If you could choose a song to play for the rest of your life what would it be?

That’s a tough one! It’s much easier to pick a song that I’d happily never hear again – “Nutbush City Limits” tops that list.
I’d happily listen to Jeff Buckley every day – “Everybody Here Wants You” is an incredibly beautiful song.


Visit Matthew Evans Photography’s pages to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week. Matthew Evans Photography is a member of the Polka Dot Directory.

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    February 25, 2020 at 8:40 am

    More weddings like this one, so much awesomeness in one day.



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