Breakfast Brunch Basket DIY Tutorial

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Ms Honeycomb

In the multitude of ways there are to spoil your bridesmaids, let’s not forget to feed them, and feed them well! If you will all be getting ready together in the morning, a personalised brunch basket is not only delicious, but looks so beautiful too!

So easy to put together, a breakfast basket can contain all the yummy delights you love to eat for brunch. If you all love bagels, pop them in! If you all love smoothies, whip some up! Most individual elements are able to be put together or prepped the night before, so you can throw these together when everyone’s starting to get a smidge hangry, while sitting in the hair and makeup chair.

What You Will Need:

  • Thick cardboard trays, baskets or bamboo takeaway food containers (party shops are a great place to look)
  • A variety of small bowls and vessels
  • Glasses or jars for drinks plus chosen beverages (eg water, champagne, smoothies)
  • Food picks to make eating easy when your lips have been done
  • Cloth napkins and tea towels
  • Elements to make your baskets delicious! We’ve made yogurt, muesli and fruit compote pots, mini fruit salads, mini ham and cheese croissants, some sneaky choccies, sliced lemon and fresh mint for water, cucumbers and red grapes. Anything you can make ‘mini’ will look fab!

Step 1. You can prep a lot of these ingredients the night before to make your morning brunch easy peasy. To make the ham and cheese croissants, you can cut them, and place the ham and cheese in them the day before, storing them in the fridge overnight. Use the zingiest cheese you can find and some smoked ham for a tasty treat! In the morning bake for approximately 10 minutes, until the cheese has thoroughly melted.

Step 2. Cut up your fruit. If you have a bunch of lovely little bowls and containers, keep these ready in waiting. Chop up the fruit in a way that it will be easy to eat (include picks if you’d like), and store it in the fridge overnight. Sliced lemons and fresh mint in water make for a lovely hydrating beverage the morning of a big day!

Step 3. To make the yogurt, muesli and berry compote mini bowls, find the best quality ingredients you can, and spoon them neatly into your chosen pot. Choose flavours you know your girls will love!

Step 4. The morning of the big day, when hair and makeup is in full swing, put together these sweet brunch baskets to make sure your bridesmaids are full of energy! Line the baskets with brown paper (or your chosen paper/fabric, and then place all of the individual elements in. You can personalise the baskets by using different flavours and ingredients, and by garnishing beautifully. Tie a napkin around it for a finishing touch – and for fruity fingers!

Some tips for making the breaky bowls look beautiful – height is good, colour is good, and something green and leafy will anything look good! Unleash your inner food stylist, and create something extra lovely for your lovely bridesmaids!

Ms Floral Says: Mmm mmm! It’s so important the entire bridal party stays energised on the wedding day. This scrumptious breakfast brunch will definitely do the trick!

About Ms Honeycomb: My heart and home in Scotland and Australia, I am a florist, flower lover, writer, baker, stylist and sew-er of lovely things, with my darling toddler forever keeping me on my toes!


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