The Do’s & Don’ts Of Blue Suits & Bridal Parties

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Should all blue bridal party suits be strictly navy?

To put it simply, absolutely not! The beauty of blue is its versatility and range. You will be able to wear it after your wedding day too, to a range of occasions. From classic midnight to playful pastels, there’s a shade of blue for every occasion. There are literally hundreds of blue hues and fabrics to consider, each with a signature and style of its own. The key is in figuring out the formality and mood of the event and going from there.

50 Shades of Blue

From rich blues to pastel blues, suits crafted from blues on the lighter side of the colour spectrum tend to be more casual. Generally speaking (unless you go for a tux), the lighter or brighter you get, the more relaxed the look. Think: a powder blue linen suit at a beach wedding. The material of the fabric will also play a factor, as fibres like linen and cotton lend themselves to a more casual look. Follow up the theme of the event or look with accessories and garments that channel the same level of formality, such as loafers, a knitted tie and a crisp white textured shirt for this example. The more bold the shade of blue, the more essential it is that the other garments stick to a neutral and toned down scheme, so they don’t overwhelm—try to have one hero piece for your look.

In The Navy

When selecting a signature navy suit, keep in mind that your choice will probably be worn more than any other suit in your closet—and this is a great thing! Therefore, think classic and timeless, the type of suit you can reach for again and again, for weddings, work and play and change up with accessories and shirts. A navy that veers on the side of ‘royal’ can be a great way to stand out without rocking the boat too much, while a darker navy will be versatile for more formal and ceremonial events. When designing, stick to the classics: a lightly constructed Australian Merino wool, with dark buttons, notch lapels and a timeless two-button construction. Or, if you must be adventurous, go bold on the details.

The Stroke Of Midnight

A two-button suit in midnight navy can be great for weddings and work, and we love it when men embrace this shade of blue in a tuxedo or velvet dinner jacket. It oozes class, formality and says all the right things. Appropriateness? Check. Timeless? Check. Hides any spilt wine at the end of the night? Check.

Must The Wedding Party’s Suits Match?
If they’re all wearing blue suits, then yes. The worst result is if the shades are close, but not the same – it looks accidental. If you want some difference, try mixing up the style of suits instead of the colour. You could use the same fabric to design a style that suits each person in the party the most, playing with waistcoats, double breasted construction and different lapels and closures (double or single). Or, if you want the groom to stand out, pick an entirely different colour—for example a Groom in cream will be highlighted by groomsmen in navy, without looking out of place.

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