Is A Beaded Wedding Gown Modern?

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White Lily Couture

Dress: Aerin by Zavana Couture

Wedding dresses have come a long way. Designs, that you once thought were out of style, have been brought back to life with just a slightly modern twist.

So, which bridal designers are nailing their beaded wedding gowns these days, and what makes them modern?

Since body inclusivity and catering for plus sizes has finally hit the bridal industry, designers such as Pronovias and Zavana Couture are finding new ways to reinterpret bridal gowns. They are mastering the art of designing figure-hugging and flattering designs that sit comfortably and make you shine on your big day. The use of sparkles and beads comes in extremely handy as it allows them to draw attention to areas they particularly wish to focus on.

The three-dimensional modification of most beaded gowns also brings depth which leads to that special luxe feel, we are all seeking on our special day.

Images: Linzie Russo Photo / Dress: Pronovias / Makeup: Natalie Hunter Makeup Artist / Hair: Rolling Scissors / Florals: New England Flower Co

Hello Nude Tones!

Having a gown full of beads and appliqués allows you to get creative with different colours and  underlays. Hopkins by Pronovias (below) does not only feature incredible, exposed boning but also creates a modern feel by incorporating a nude underlay. The champagne tones look elegant and put additional emphasis on the stunningly beaded lace-like floral pattern.

Dress: Hopkins by Pronovias

Who said that beaded gowns can’t be sexy?

Traditionally, beaded wedding dresses were often associated with ball gowns and clustered silver beads, that took away from the overall look. Designers are now more focusing on using materials and beads that reflect the light to enhance the actual fabric of the wedding dress. They carefully place the beads along the dress to emphasise your silhouette and enhance your curves. Constellation by Pronovias (below) does so, by incorporating sheer materials. This slim-fitting gown caresses the figure with a true mermaid cut and glistens with thousands of beaded sparkles from the bodice to the hem. Galaxy by Pronovias (below) emphasises a sexy silhouette in a different way, by adding beaded appliqués to the back of the dress.

Dresses: Galaxy by Pronovias & Constellation by Pronovias

New modern fabrics

For a really modern feel, designers like Zavana Couture have started using fabrications like glitter tulle to create an even more show-stopping effect. Kendall by Zavana Couture (below) truly is a glitter ball in a dress. The beaded lace appliqués on August by Zavana Couture (below) don’t only assist in cinching in the waist but also emphasise the bride’s curves, creating a modern and feminine look.

Dresses: Kendall by Zavana Couture & August by Zavana Couture

They feel like a million dollars

Since designers have become more prone to placing bead appliqués all over their dresses and designs, the weight and feel of the gowns have also increased. Balain by Nicole Milano is a stunning gown, that features beaded elements all over its sheer fabrication. The draped bodice and weight of the dress emphasise a luxe feel, while the sheerness adds a modern twist.

Dress: Balain by Nicole Milano

Let’s talk architecture

Another benefit of incorporating different types of beading is that designers are able to get creative with their patterns. The use of all kinds of beading and appliqués allows for modern architectural patterns and outstanding illusions. Rocio by Pronovias features beaded appliqués all over its sheer long-sleeves, creating a unique tattoo-effect. Teegan by Martina Liana utilises its’ beaded lace appliqués to highlight curves and to draw the eye towards the elongating plunged neckline.

Dress: Rocio by Pronovias

Dress: Teegan by Martina Liana

Ms Floral Says: These modern examples of beaded gowns are exquisite and would suit a wide range of wedding styles. Thanks Celine for reminding us why these beautiful creations are so special.

About Celine Michel of White Lily Couture: As the Marketing Coordinator at White Lily Couture, Celine Michel lives and breathes all things bridal! White Lily Couture is Brisbane’s premiere bridal destination, offering the ultimate experience for brides-to-be. Enjoy the relaxed, friendly atmosphere and wide range of styles and sizes with the help of your very own expert stylist in the comfort of their Red Hill boutique.

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