What Are The Latest Wedding Styling Trends?

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We love reflecting on trends for the season! When it comes to our top three we can’t go past the following.


In our eyes, being sustainable never goes out of style. In the world of events we see beautiful and time consuming displays created for couples and guests to enjoy, only to be thrown away shortly after. So we’re seeing a big trend in couples making it their wedding mission to be conscious of their event carbon footprint and to consider ways in which they can be more conscious and sustainable. Especially when it comes to styling! Creating beautiful events that are also eco-conscious is extremely satisfying not only visually but for your peace of mind as well. It’s so amazing to see how the events world has shifted to be more mindful, and we definitely see that reflected in our couples views as well. A sustainable brand we LOVE here at Nudo is Bangin Hangins! Their epic installations are thoughtfully crafted and re-used event after event, meaning their is no wastage! Also any offcuts they have are donated to local childcare centres for arts and crafts. Talk about amazing efforts! We recently had an interview with Sarah, the talented creative behind the brand, and discussed how important sustainability is for Bangin Hangins over on the Nudo blog here.

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Boozy Brunch Weddings

We are currently obsessed with boozy brunch weddings! They are such a fantastic way to take advantage of the sunshine and celebrate marrying your love with a non-stop flow of mimosas! They are becoming such a popular choice with plenty of time for those dreamy bridal portraits because day light is not a problem, a day time wedding ticks all the boxes for us! Plus imagine diving into a spread of all of your favourite brunch treats surrounded by your nearest and dearest. Another amazing perk of a brunch wedding is you aren’t restricted to a certain day. So if Saturdays at your dream venue are booked out from now until 2023, consider this the perfect plan! A boozy brunch wedding doesn’t revolve around the 11:00pm finish, so they are ideal for a Sunday or weekday! Our couples love the option of being able to choose from those more popular months, and not needing to compromise the time of year they envisioned getting married. Not to mention your dream suppliers are more likely to be available on a Sunday/weekday too. It’s a win win! Our couples also love that once the wedding wraps up, the day is far from over! Which allows them to continue celebrating on into the night at a new location or take the party back to their place.

Images: Nick Skinner Photography & Shannyn Higgins Photography

Long Stemmed Bouquets and Floral Only Arrangements

A floral trend we have loved through 2020 are long stemmed bouquets and floral only arrangements. There is something so powerful about the simplicity of these and how gorgeous the flowers look on their own. But we also need to acknowledge the time and care florists spend individually reflexing each rose to make sure it is puffed and pretty! A favourite from this year for us was Katie and Dean’s Valentine’s Day wedding at The Wool Mill. Nudo had so much fun styling this one as Katie and Dean really wanted to play off the Valentine’s day theme. We swooned over the ombre floral arrangements created by Anatomy of Flowers. The contrast of their floral only arrangements against the soft blush linens from Simmons Linen made such a statement. This trend is definitely a stand out for us!

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Ms Floral Says: These trends are definitely a terrific trio and all work extremely well together!

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