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Tuan and Rachel

Tuan and Rachel have been together since their teenage years – she was his first and only girlfriend; he knew she was the one from the get-go. They met at the annual ‘Globe to Globe World Music Festival’ at Namatjira Park, Victoria. Eleven years later, on Christmas Day, at the same park, Tuan proposed to Rachel, who didn’t expect the spontaneous move. It was always his plan to propose at the place they had first met, and on the given day it just felt right!

We were lucky enough to have Tuan share with us his overall experience as a groom and gain insight into the thinking and preparing that went on behind the scenes.

How did your wedding reflect you and Rachel as a couple?
Our wedding was perfect. We were surrounded by our family and friends, and everyone had a great time, which is what we wanted. I think the wedding reflected us, as the ceremony was quite serious and sentimental, which we can be at times. The reception was just a huge celebration displaying another part of us… a fun side.


What part did you play in the wedding planning process? What decisions did you make?
Rachel and I split the workload for the wedding. I contributed towards the band, cars, church and favours. It was a joint effort from the two of us.


How did you feel in the lead-up to the wedding? How did you feel afterwards?
In the lead-up to the wedding I was quite nervous. It was good to be around lots of family and friends though, to help us with the final preparations. After the wedding everything felt so surreal… we both couldn’t believe we were finally married!


How did you feel once the wedding ceremony concluded and it was time to celebrate?
Once the ceremony was over, I was more relaxed and ready to party! All the formalities were done, and it was just a massive festivity for us afterwards.


What was the highlight of the day?
The highlight of the day was when Rachel and I exchanged vows and when everyone was on the dance floor partying with us. We were so blessed to have so many of our family and friends with us, especially all those who came from overseas and interstate.


What did you absolutely nail? Is there anything you would have done differently?
We were absolutely thrilled with our band. They totally fulfilled all our visions of making the night truly memorable. We also loved our church (St Patrick’s Cathedral)… it was completely mesmerising and beautiful! The cantor and the priest were fantastic as well and just added that little bit extra to our mass. Honestly, I couldn’t choose anything that I would have changed. The whole day and night was everything we thought it would be.


What advice would you give a groom getting ready for his big day?
Don’t stress, enjoy the whole day, as it’s over before you know it. Just make sure your hair is on fleek!


What are your final thoughts on the whole wedding experience? Was it all you had dreamed of?
Our wedding was amazing… I got to marry the girl of my dreams, with everyone who I wanted there. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Images by Leslie Truong

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Thanks for sharing your insights with us Tuan; the idea of sharing the planning workload was a good one to ensure neither of you became overwhelmed. And your hair did look on fleek!



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