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Here at Cherry Cakes we love a Black tie event. Honestly anything to get out of the chefs whites and into a dress is a real treat! It’s such a good feeling to get dressed up and go to a special event. When it comes to black tie events however your outfit isn’t the only thing to consider! Cakes can play a very important part in making your event just that little bit more special. Today we are going to walk you through a few tips and tricks for choosing a cake for a black tie event.

Tip number one. Go big or go home. This is not the time to pick an understated cake! This is the time for big three tier beasts. There is something very grand and exciting about a cake that is more than one tier. It goes from feeling like a small party cake to a real occasion cake. This is not the time for subtlety.

Tip number two. Just because its a formal event doesn’t mean your design has to be dull. Talk to your cake designer about designing something that will make a statement. Use lots of fresh flowers and think lush styles!

Tip number three. Don’t play it safe. Everyone has eaten plenty of chocolate cakes in their lives, so pick a flavour that’s interesting and exciting. You want a cake that everyone will remember not just for its style but also because of its delicious flavour. Ask your cake maker if they have any new or delicious flavours that they have been working on, or if they will custom make something delicious for you!

All photos by Zosia Fabijanska

Tip four. Get your cake delivered. If you are planning a big party you don’t want the stress of having to pick up a big three tier cake. Most cake businesses offer delivery for a small cost, and honestly it will probably be worth its money saving you the headache!

Tip Five. Don’t be afraid to use a bit of colour. It’s a party after all!

Ms Zigzag says: I love the colourful two tier cake here – so festive. Thank you Cherry Cakes! For more cake wisdom from the wonderful Cherry, check out the rest of her blogs here

About the author Cherry Murphy of Cherry Cakes: Cherry Murphy is a qualified chef and pastry chef. Having moved to the city to study patisserie, Melbourne has become her professional base. Cherry has worked in a number of commercial kitchens with roles including Dessert Chef at the Westin Hotel, Cupcake Designer for Little Cupcakes and Head Chef at John Gorilla cafe. She is a wedding caterer and cafe supplier (and self-proclaimed good time gal!)



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