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Acton Slim bow tie. Image via That Dapper Chap

Acton Slim bow tie. Image via That Dapper Chap

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde: rumours of the bow tie’s death were certainly exaggerated.

The staple of the tuxedo still appears in the odd wedding but anecdotally and in the pages of the fashion mags (read: Instagram), they’re certainly seem to be less prevalent.

But as men rapidly begin to embrace fashion, colours, and patterns in the modern age, there is a distinct air of hope in bow tie land.

And one person who is very much on board, is That Dapper Chap owner Andria Beighton.
That Dapper Chap is a Melbourne business with a mission to “bring the bow tie to the everyday man”.

In short, Andria knows what she’s talking about when it comes to bow ties.

She tells me that bow ties are no longer just for that ‘tuxedo look’.

“A bow tie can look just as effective with a denim shirt with rolled up sleeves as it does paired with a tux,” she says.

“The models used in our latest photo shoot were everyday guys including a ceramicist and outdoor gear manufacturer who rarely dress in formalwear.

“We worked with their casual outfits through to suits and they all felt and looked confident in the variety of outfits they wore. It was a pleasure to see.”

Andria tells me a shift in mindset, borne in part by a rise in social media expression, has seen men embrace fashion in different ways.

“Men today are being encouraged more than ever to express themselves through their clothing with affordability of good design and an abundance of inspiration online being two helpful factors.

“We love what social media has done for men’s fashion. Hashtags such as ‘mensootd’ allow men access to unlimited fashion and styling ideas from everyday people which often in turn gives them confidence to try something new themselves.”

Huntley Slim bow tie. Image via That Dapper Chap

Huntley Slim bow tie. Image via That Dapper Chap

So what should a groom consider if he wants to rock a bow tie on the big day?

“We recommend selecting a colour that works with the rest of the wedding theme, be it taking a colour from the bridesmaid’s dresses, flowers or decorations.

“If you go with self-tie bow ties, be sure to provide your collar measurement to ensure a snug fit.

“Lastly and especially if you’re new to tying a bow tie, be sure to practice tying beforehand or have someone handy to help out, just in case your nerves get the better of you on the big day!”

That last piece of advice works for bow ties and normal ties – I speak from experience.

But opting for the bow tie on your big day goes beyond just colours and patterns, Andria says.

“A carefully selected bow tie can be the perfect finishing touch to a formal outfit and the simple act of tying a self-tie is a lovely ritual in itself.

“It’s also the groom’s main opportunity for self-expression through their outfit.”

That Dapper Chap’s latest offering – the Adaptations Collection – was inspired by their customers, who have been crying out for patterns and versatility.

“The Adaptions Collection features a considered selection of six styles which have the ability to be tied in multiple ways for various hints of colour and print.

“Each handmade bow tie is carefully crafted with functionality and flexibility in mind.

“Dress them up or dress them down.”

Otley Classic bow tie. Image via That Dapper Chap

Otley Classic bow tie. Image via That Dapper Chap

My pick of the new collection? The Otley (pictured above). Stylish and simple, yet somehow still bold enough to make a statement. As Andria says: “First-timers can’t go wrong with simple white checks over a black canvas. Make it your own by pairing with warm or cool colours and have a play with different pocket squares.”

Five bow ties to consider for your wedding day via That Dapper Chap


The Acton is a subtle nod to London sophistication. The delicate navy and red pattern renders it a versatile accessory option for all occasions.


The Bracknell bow tie offers a crisp, autumnal look. The juxtaposition of teal with a burnt orange and caramel weave produces a retro 1970s vibe. Pair with a brown jacket to complete the look.

Bracknell Slim bow tie. Image via That Dapper Chap

Bracknell Slim bow tie. Image via That Dapper Chap


The dusty orange of the Huntley complements bold black checks to create a rich and comforting warmth. Pour yourself a whiskey, put your feet up and feel the heat of the fireplace.


The dark paisley pattern of the Ossett bow tie belongs in a secret garden. Hints of pink and fine floral detailing make this piece perfect for outdoor tea parties and forbidden dalliances.

Ossett Slim bow tie. Image via That Dapper Chap

Ossett Slim bow tie. Image via That Dapper Chap


The Somerton emulates lazy summer days in the Australian bush. The pale blue gum leaf pattern pops playfully against the navy. This piece is a go-to for cocktail occasions or for an ice cold beer by the river.

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Ms Zigzag says: Never die, bow tie! There is nothing more handsome than a bow tie. They give you the opportunity to show off your personality and they add an air of individuality to your suit. 

About the author Mr Houndstooth: I am a happily married man. I enjoy a fine whisky, a new suit and swashbuckling around town with my beautiful bride. Looking back on my wedding day always makes me smile, even though it began to rain just as I said ‘I do’.


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