Do We Need To Have A Wedding Rehearsal?

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This is a great question. Whether or not you need a wedding rehearsal really is a very personal thing and your decision may be based on a number of factors and may also depend on your personal circumstances, your venue, and your ceremony format.

A wedding rehearsal is a practice or run through of your ceremony. There is a strong (case by case) argument for both having and not having a rehearsal.

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Pro tip: It is recommended to gauge your celebrant’s thoughts on having a rehearsal. Every celebrant is different, each offering a different style of ceremony, different inclusions and different processes when it comes to planning your ceremony.

Some celebrants feel strongly about having rehearsals, for your benefit and theirs. Others feel they have the ceremony process thoroughly covered, in which case a rehearsal may simply involve walking in, taking your places, then walking out again, which may not achieve much, rendering the experience unnecessary.

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You may feel like you need a rehearsal if:

  • You aren’t too sure what to expect for your ceremony
  • You are particularly nervous or unfamiliar about what happens during a ceremony
  • Your celebrant is encouraging you to have a rehearsal so you and they feel more comfortable
  • You are not based locally and have communicated purely remotely when planning your ceremony. As you need to meet your Celebrant in person, before your marriage takes place to sign a form known as The Declaration Of No Legal Impediment To Marriage (meaning there is no legal reason you are aware of that would prevent you from legally marrying). Perhaps you feel combining this meeting with a rehearsal would give you both an opportunity to bond with your celebrant.

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Many celebrants provide their couples with a copy of their finalised ceremony wording (often with the couples input and edits), so both parties know and have agreed on exactly what will be said during the ceremony and who else has a role in the ceremony. Providing clarity on exactly how the ceremony will flow on the day.

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Therefore, you may feel you don’t require a wedding rehearsal if:

  • You know exactly what to expect on the day, having proofed and approved your ceremony wording
  • You feel completely confident in your celebrant’s wealth of experience, knowledge and professionalism to guide you, your partner and your wedding party through the ceremony on the day
  • You know where you will be stood, and if you have a wedding party, what order you will be stood in
  • You don’t want to take the shine off how special your actual ceremony will feel, by experiencing it first at an onsite rehearsal

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We hope this has given you some food for thought when deciding if you need a rehearsal.

Ms Zebra Says: There are so many moving parts with weddings and this is certainly a big one! However, this wisdom is great to see if you can tick off the no rehearsal – or ensure its an important part of the day that needs practice! Thank you Brisbane City Celebrants!

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